Strictly Anonymous

Our typical act consists of a maintenance man, waiter, two waitresses and a guest. Suddenly, the man enters the room carrying his toolbox which he promptly drops with a crash and it captures everyone’s attention. Throughout this action, cartoon like sound effects and music is played, which creates a hilarious and wacky feel and it is clear that something exciting and unique is happening.


Our waitress then begins to usher him away from the dance floor, however, taking a shine to her, he woos her with his astounding dance moves. After eventually winning her over they indulge in a sexy dance routine, which will completely mesmerise your guests.
Having taken the party completely by storm, they will then scout the room for volunteers until they stumble upon our marks that are dragged on to the dance floor to learn how to dance alongside them. The four of them will then perform a fabulous and high energy dance routine taking the audience through all of the favourites including Tango, Street Dance, Quickstep, Modern American Jazz, Cha Cha, Foxtrot and Hip Hop.


But wait all is not what it seems, as our dancers take their bows, a guest suddenly stands on her seat and belts out the latest chart topping dance floor openers to rapturous applause, and the shock of her unsuspecting table of friends. A perfect way to open the dance floor!


Inspired by the TV programme, Strictly Anonymous is performed by the very best professional dancers working in the industry and is choreographed and staged by one of London’s West End’s shining lights and current Director of Mamma Mia, Steven Paling.


The act is truly unique and completely envelops the audience, with its steamy sex appeal and passionate dance routines, which will both excite and invigorate your guests to the point that they will wish that they were a part of it. The act is a perfect alternative to a singing waiters act.