The Red Carpet Dress


First impressions last – especially when your guests are welcomed to their event on a red carpet …with a difference!

Make your event a memorable one and have the beautiful songstress, Andy Klee perform angelic, background music welcoming your guests on her Red Carpet dress.

The carpet and dress are one piece of crushed deep red velvet that may be draped down stairs, around corners, into main venue or foyer /guest entrance areas that have Andy Klee singing as the centre piece upon a small stage, lit and raised on a platform.

The carpet dress has a non-slip base, and may be draped along carpet, tile or grass with a train of carpet that expands up to 20metres in length.

We may also customize the dress and have it made in any colour to match client company theme or logo.

Performances may last up to 80 minutes, as guests mingle and network in central areas, where Andy in her Red Dress make the perfect centre piece.